Hello I am Bill Rogers

Bill Rogers studied Media Arts and Animation at The Art Institute of Salt Lake City, Utah. He specializes in story boards, character design and animation. Bill comes from a television background with over 10 years experience in filming, editing, electronic graphics, animations and voice-overs. He has also produced and directed many television commercials.

As a television host, Bill has reported for national TV shows such as Welcome Home, Technology Today and American Outdoors. He has reported from many venues across the country to include Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Orlando and New York City.

As a television producer, Bill pioneered the way for the first television dating show using algorithms and compatibility test developed by psychologist. The 13 week television series, New Duck, aired in the Salt Lake City area and became a pattern for many other shows to follow.

In addition Bill wrote, produced and directed the television series the BRIDE idea. This show brought local bridal vendors together with couples that were making the plunge into matrimony. The BRIDE idea aired in many Utah counties and kept everyone on the edge of their seat in hopes that all would go well for the bride.

Companies I Started

I started LOTH Hoodies in March 2013 for 3 reasons. 1 -To create cool hoodies. 2 -To support my family and 3 -To give back.


We create Hoodies with a long cloak hood. Basically combining a cloak and a hoodie. As the owner I have been heavily involved in every step of the production; from development, manufacturing and sales. After designing I worked with getting the patterns made, samples created and patterns graded. I selected the fabrics and met with manufacturers to produce this hoodie in the United States. I have been in charge of the marketing; designing marketing materials, contacting potential customers and contacting media for advertising and video exposure. I have taken the company to Comic Conventions and through a successful Kickstarter campaign.


To give back LOTH donate 5% of every sale to Humanitarian Aid. In addition for every 100th hoodie sold LOTH donates 100% of that sales.


Stay Warm. Look Cool. Give Back


In March 2013 I teamed up with former Disney Animator, Scott T. Petersen to create Quick Draw Services. We create whiteboard animation videos.


We specialize in telling stories with characters to create a memorable and entertaining video. With Scott's background in Animated movies and my background in Television, we produce one of a kind, quality videos that are both appealing and professional.


I am responsible for marketing, Voice Talents, Editing, Scripts and Client Contact.

I design marketing materials, contacting potential customers and create more exposure.

I am also involved in voice overs. I have recorded several voice overs myself and contacted other voice artist to create the recordings.

I am the editor of the videos. I create motion graphics, compile all of the footage and render out a final file for the client.

I develop the scripts and story boards for all of the videos.

I work with the clients from start to finish with contracts, changes and payments.


Put the POWER of our Drawing behind your Message!



I started LOTH tv in Jan 2014. We are striving to create the #1 Geek show on planet earth. 


We showcase all things GEEK on our Youtube channel. We showcase Geek products, movies, costumes, events and more.


Geeks United


Other Talents & Interest


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