Animation & Drawing Excellence

DVD Series created by Scott T. Petersen to ALL animators on principles of animation. Order at
I am the main videographer, and editor.

Animation & Drawing Excellence DVDs

Now available on DVD - Animation & Drawing Excellence training series. Taught by veteran animator, Scott Petersen, these animation training lessons start from the very beginning with the basics and progress to the more advanced techniques and guides for professionals.

TEASER: Lesson 2 Anticipation

This is a short clip from Lesson 2 of the animation training series on DVD called Animation and Drawing Excellence by Scott T. Petersen

PREVIEW: Animation DVD Series

Now available on DVD - Lesson 1: The Essential Basics, by Scott T. Petersen.

Dynamic Posing DVD

Dynamic Posing for Gesture Drawing, vol. 1 is a great tool for all artists wanting to practice and improve their skills in drawing the human figure. It contains 2 full hours of clothed models, male and female posing in short pose format.

About Golden Street

All about Scott T. Petersen's career as an animator and teacher. To order his first training DVD called "Lesson 1: The Essential Basics"​​

A Walk Down Golden Street

Scott T. Petersen is interviewed about his new series of training DVDs for animators. Scott fell into teaching animation early in his career when 3 years after he left school to work in Feature animation, he was asked to join the animation faculty at Cal Arts in Valencia California 1998. Ever since that time, he has been sharing his knowledge and passion for the artform, with animators and artists in studios and universities around the world.  ​​

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