TV Segments & Graphics

These are a mix of videos. Some are professional, some are for school and some are for fun.

Spider-Man Opening Credts

Using After Effects, I created an opening sequence to a movie

Down East Commercial

A commercial for Down East Outfitters and their RC Helicopters

LOTH Hoodies

A Kickstarter video I made for my new company.

Quick Draw Video- ZNitro

Edited and created motion graphics for a Quick Draw Video.

Quick Draw Video

Edited and created motion graphics for this Quick Draw Video. Also did the voice over.

Knetic Typography

Using After Effects I created 54 seconds of moveable type to a Michael Buble Song

Small Brand Nation

An instructional video on how to add you product to Small Brand Nation

Date at 8

I created this story, story boared it and recored


Down East Furniture

A commercial created for Down East Home Furniture collections. Filmed and edited

Beard Head

I interviewed the owner of Bear Head, a new company that makes creative winter hats. For American Outdoors TV.

Audio Segment

I hosted this TV segment for American Outdoors talking about new audio application

Jak Pack

I hosted this TV segments for American Outdoors showing a jacket that morphs into a tent.

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